Why Fine Arts Education is Important

Why Fine Arts Education is Important

One being educated in the arts is an intrinsic part of the ontogenesis of each human being. People, whom have studied learning techniques throughout the ages, beginning with Plato, have accentuated the precedence of the arts within the educational system.  Education of the Arts is attributed to the education in the cultivation of dance, music, theatre, and the visual arts. Study in the arts should be a requisite in our society.  The arts are an integral part of our cultural heritage. The arts are part of the human experience and in some ways is what makes us human to begin with.

The education of the arts is not something that can be learned occasionally or through random experiences any more than mathematics or biology can. Education and engagement in the fine arts should be a necessitous segment of the school curriculum and a paramount element in the educational program for every student.

Sufficient data prevails to support the belief that study and taking part in the fine arts is a fundamental principle in bettering one’s ability to learn in all areas of academics. It has been found in studies through multiple settings such as school campuses to corporate America, that education and participation in the arts reduces dropouts in school, increases student attendance, fosters and nurtures interest in learning, improves ones’ dignity, creativity, working as a team, and produces more prepared individuals in the workplace for the future.

Education and experience in fine arts also develops neutral systems in the brain to invoke a wide spectrum of benefits that range from tuning fine motor skills, creativity and an improvement emotional balance.  This is why education and experience in the fine arts is not something so fleeting that can experienced in random encounters. It will take months and even years to fine-tune the human brain to receive these neural benefits.

It doesn’t stop here either, the fine arts also promotes aesthetic awareness, appreciation of diversity, creativity, cultural exposure, improved emotional expression, increased self-esteem, and social harmony.  These are paramount to the very weave that makes up our American culture.

In today’s society, we are witnessing the beginning of the Information Age. Our primary sources of content are no longer teacher lectures or found within textbooks. Learning is not limited to what you know, but it is dependent on how we find the information and how we use this information quickly, creatively, and cooperatively.

We are in the twilight of a society based on data. As information and intelligence become the domain of computers, society will place a new value on the one human ability that can’t be automated: emotion (Jensen, 1999, p. 84).”

Students of today are deluged with data but they are emaciated for relevant learning.   Our students need to be masterful of their own minds; they need to possess people skills, be problem-solvers, demonstrate creativity, and be able to work as a member of a coalition.  As parents, teachers, and mentors we need to offer more comprehensive learning about the things that matter the most and they are: contribution, cooperation, creativity, dignity, fairness, flexibility, integrity, justice, thinking skills, and wonder.

Perchance, the most paramount element to education one should contemplate is the demeanor in which we regard and make sense of the world in which we live in.  With effective education in the fine arts, students will be able to see what they look at, hear what they listen to, and feel what they touch. Espousal in the fine arts will guide students to expand their minds beyond the boundaries of the text or the rules of what is conclusive.  The arts free the mind from austere dogmatism. Envision a world where prosperity is realized in the seeking, finding, and developing of diverse solutions to the immeasurable dilemmas that our society faces today.

These techniques, taught through the study of the fine arts, guide to develop the resilience for enduring with the vagueness and ambivalence current in the everyday events that make up the human experience.

There is a universal need for words, music, dance, and visual art to give expression to the innate urgings of the human spirit. (Eisner, 1987) 

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The Deep Ellum Art Company was founded by entrepreneur and creative proponent John LaRue. Our building is a multipurpose locale that is used for Deep Ellum events and conserving the artistic value that makes the Deep Ellum locale unique. Our facilities combines an indoor art gallery, an outdoor art gallery complemented by more than 20 artists, an outdoor food truck venue, areas for both indoor and outdoor Deep Ellum events and performances as well as a bar with 31 taps, 24 brewed beers and seven cocktails to choose from.  Our goal is for the promotion of the fine arts, whether it be music, culinary, sculpture, 2D, 3D, digital, Deep Ellum events and more. Come and join us at 3200 Commerce St., Dallas, Texas 75226.