10 Reasons why Education in the Arts for Children is Important

10 Reasons why Education in the Arts for Children is Important

There’s no doubt about it that when it comes to arts, kids enjoy it.  Whether children are sticking their little fingers into paint and making creative pictures to hang at home or acting out Romeo & Juliet, children love it and parents adore it. However, did you know that the arts will also help children develop on so many other fundamental levels?

Below are 10 ways that the fine arts help children learn and grow:

  1. Accountability – When it comes to a child contributing to a group, they will learn that they are accountable. If a child forgets their part in a play or messes up in a group, they will realize that it is important to take responsibility for themselves when they do something wrong. Mistakes happen, and no matter how much we do not want to see our little ones fail, it is a part of life and a growing experience for children. Learning to accept the mistakes, fix them, and move forward will serve children well as they mature.
  2. Collaboration – When it comes to collaboration, not all arts require it, but many do. Examples in collaboration in the arts are band, choir, and theater. Children must share their responsibilities and compromise to achieve the common goal of the group.  When it comes to collaboration, children learn that their contribution in the group is critical to the group’s success.
  3. Confidence – Confidence can be built in many ways with children, but there is something unique and invigorating when a child participates in the arts. There is very little else that builds confidence so much than when a child steps up on stage to sing or act out a play to improve their self-confidence and progress with their growth.
  4. Creativity – Obviously the arts brings out the creativity in children, but the arts also allows children to express themselves in ways that math and / or science cannot. If children have practice in thinking creatively, it will come naturally to them in the future and when they are older. Creativity is a critical skill to have that will help a child enrich their future selves and their future career.
  5. Decision Making – With participation in the arts a child can strengthen their critical thinking and problem solving skills. When one learns how to make choices and decisions it will carry over into their progression in education and other aspects of their life. Decision making skills are also an essential and extremely valuable skillset to have in adulthood.
  6. Focus – When it comes to painting, singing or any art that requires patience and detail a child learns to focus. Focus is critical when it comes to studying and educational learning. It is also another skillset that is critical for their future selves in adulthood and their future careers.
  7. Improved Academic Performance – The arts brings much more than just creativity, as we have already listed above. The skillsets that children learn from participating in the arts will help them in their academic achievement also. A report by Americans for the Arts claims that young people who participate regularly in the arts are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement.
  8. Motor Skills – According to the National Institute of Health, development milestones begin around age three for children. At this age children should be practicing drawing circles and beginning to use safety scissors. By four, children may be able to draw a square and cut straight lines with safety scissors. Simple things like using a paintbrush and drawing with crayons is important in the early development of a child’s motor skills.
  9. Perseverance – Not all arts come naturally, especially when it comes to playing musical instruments. When a child takes the time to learn a musical instrument and they learn perseverance. The hard work will pay off as the child learns how to play the musical instrument and the skill set learned from this will bleed over into adulthood where perseverance is critical, especially in one’s future career.
  10. Visual Learning – Drawing, painting and sculpting help develop a child’s visual-spatial skills, this is especially true with young children. The education in art helps teach a child how to interpret, criticize, and use visual information, and how to make choices based upon it.

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