Theo Ponchaveli

Theo Ponchaveli is a self-taught artist and visionary who began oil painting in 2006, without any formal training. His unique ability to portray iconic celebrities and every day people has captured viewers with an unspoken depth. In 2011, Lay’s and Doritos brands hosted a national art contest in which over 300 artist submitted work, and after more than 50,000 votes, Ponchaveli was declared the grand prize winner.┬áBorn a “lefty”, Ponchaveli was forced to become right-handed due to an incident when he was a teenager, which caused a semi-paralyzed left hand. His works are not only a visual testimony to his iconic subjects but also his own personal trials, tribulations and redemption in life. Ponchaveli is more than an artist – he feels divinely blessed, and his life manifests these blessings everyday with his passion and innate ability to relate to people, which inspires the world around him.