The Southern Belles

Richmond, Va.’s the Southern Belles corral elements of jazz, rock, funk and country into an elastic, groove-centric amalgamation of psychedelia and twang…
-Seven Days // Burlington, VT

Southern Belles play a Frank Zappa-esque amalgamation of country, jazz, rock and funk. With an emphasis on song craft and technical proficiency, the instantly ingratiating manner by which this Richmond quartet presents its genre-bending concoctions is embedded with a vitality and vigor that Beethoven would have surely approved.
– Chris Bopst//Richmond Times Dispatch

The Southern Belles are a prog rock band from Richmond who can turn on a gluon. Their debut album, Sharp as a Knife, demonstrates this and much much more.
-David Kleinman // Alt Daily

So many wild things have been said to describe The Southern Belles’ music and live shows and it’s all true. It’s like watching a honky-tonk band fight a blues band with George Clinton as the referee. That’s the best I can say too. If someone out there can describe the Belles’ music in less than words than “Oh my god, they melted my face,” I invite you too. Floor is yours.
-Doug Nunnally // RVA Magazine