Ryan Viser

Ryan Viser started playing the trumpet in Brazil at the age of 11. Growing up around the various beats of street drummers and sounds of Carnival, Ryan developed a healthy appreciation for music at a very young age. Continuing with the trumpet after coming back stateside brought an introduction to Jazz and improvisation that continued from Jr. High all through the college years. With a natural creativity and ability to improvise, Ryan has always enjoyed performing and creating various musical styles and is well known for his work in the Reggae band, Stiff Necked Fools (2009 – 2014) where he spent a great deal of time playing and touring the country.

Always having a love for electronic music, Ryan began dabbling in the world of production, seeking to combine his electronic creations and aggressive trumpet style to form a new experience. In 2013, he launched the self titled solo electronic trumpet act, Ryan Viser, and hasn’t looked back since. A mere year later, his track “Steppin Up”, won the Management’s Choice Award in The Untz Challenge V, giving Ryan the opportunity to shine on the stages of 6 major music festivals including Electric Forest, Wakarusa, Sonic Bloom, and Summer Camp. 2015 was a break out year and saw Ryan joining up and touring the country twice with Filibusta, playing more festivals and shows, releasing his debut album, Metamorphosis, and also being named as one of the top 10 artists in Future Funk by The Untz. Album #2, Louder and Louder, dropped in February 2016 and represents the next step in the evolution of brass infused bass music.